Tolar Testnet

The presentation showcase the current progress with
a speed of over 150.000 TPS on multiple nodes.

Tolar Masternode

Masternode owners are helping secure HashNET network
by enforcing the following.
Required collateral for Tolar masternode is 500,000 TOL.



Tolar is an open source, community governed crypto-currency featuring scalable, fast, secure, and fair transactions.


What is HashNET?

HashNET is a scalable, fast, secure, and fair decentralized- beyond blockchain project, leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and consensus algorithm which keeps all positive characteristics of a blockchain technology while increasing throughput to more than 200,000 transactions per second. Network is using Proof-of-Stake with masternodes, which eliminates the need for a massive energy consumption.

HashNET Characteristics

Transparency of fund

Allocation of community funds and voting process is 100% transparent


Network’s Throughput can process 200,000 transactions per second

Mobile compatible

HashNET can be run as full node even on smartphone

Ability to grow

Easily scales with number of users

Completely decentralized

Every participant can contribute by voting

Join us on our journey beyond Blockchain.



  • Q2 2017

    TOLAR project founded and funding received
    Executive group established
  • Q3 2017

    Blockchain Conference
    Rovinj Initial network development
    First cryptocurrency experiments conducted
  • Q1 2018

    Launch of the Blockchain academy.
    Recruiting process of key team members has started.
    Core Tolar team created with 30 members.
    Website published.
    Tolar will introduce project publicly
  • Q2 2018

    Initial version of HashNET whitepaper
    Launch of initial mainnet chain with masternodes and staking system.
    Start of the private sale phase and social media presence.
  • Q3 2018

    Finalized version of HashNET whitepaper
    Developers demonstration of HashNET
    Tolar Prototype - live demo
    Exchange listing
  • Q4 2018

    Chain explorer
    Mobile wallets
  • Q2 2019

    Public release of HashNET chain
    Switch mainnet to HashNET protocol
  • Future development

    Smart contracts
    Quantum resistant cryptography


Josip Maricevic

Josip Maricevic

Founder / CTO
Josip Maricevic
Researching blockchain and related consensus algorithms, atomic cross-chain swaps and of- chain settlement protocols for the past 2 years. Also worked on development of a few signifcant blockchain products. Interested in general algorithm research and development. Worked for Shazam on application that implements Shazam song recognition technology to identify songs in your iPod library and play them with synchronized lyrics and visualizations.

Also an owner of software development agency Moon Code which is offering services of developing custom Blockchain based projects, alternative cryptocurrencies and Ethereum smart contracts.

Drazen Kapusta

Drazen Kapusta

Founder / Principal
Drazen Kapusta
Drazen Kapusta is the Founder and Principal of He’s an entrepreneur with 30 years of business experience. Drazen also serves as Principal of COTRUGLI Business School, the leading business school in SE Europe where he has successfully helped develop the world’s first Blockchain MBA program and Certified Blockchain Developers Program.

Drazen is the President of Blockchain Adria, the most prominent blockchain conference and association in SE Europe. He serves as the President of the COTRUGLI Fund which is focused on organizing and leading numerous humanitarian projects.

Zoran Dordevic

Zoran Dordevic

Zoran Dordevic
He has more than 15 years of experience in education and consulting as well as passion for blockchain technology and its educational and business implementation. Zoran is one of the pioneers in introducing blockchain technology into regular MBA curriculums that set the foundations of the world’s first Blockchain MBA program at COTRUGLI Business School. Besides his involvement in the educational business, he is very much involved in fostering entrepreneurial culture in the CEE region as consultant for large corporations, startups and ICO’s.

Zoran received his Master’s degree from University of Zagreb, Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, Croatia and his MBA from COTRUGLI Business School in Zagreb, Croatia.

Terence Tse

Terence Tse

Board member
Terence Tse
Terence is the co-founder and CEO of Nexus FrontierTech, an artificial intelligence studio with years of experience in building and deploying AI for businesses. With more than 20 years of experience in financial corporate consulting, he continues to work closely with organizations like the EU and UN as well as commenting regularly on the latest current affairs, market and blockchain developments in the Financial Times, The Guardian, The Economist, CNBC, the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Business Review blogs.

He obtained his PhD from the Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, UK.

Partners & Investors

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